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Did you know that a healthy dog won’t shed all year round?

Healthy shedding occurs twice a year during seasonal changes. Losing a heavy winter for upcoming spring and summer and gaining a thick warm coat for cold winter months. If you live in a place that’s warm all year, you may not notice as dramatic of a shedding in his coat as you would if you lived where it get’s cold. If your dog is continuously shedding, even when the season’s aren’t changing, he may have a nutritional deficiency. This doesn’t mean he’s starving, it means he’s not receiving certain vitamins, minerals or protein.


Heat Destroys Delicate Nutrients:

Dry kibble is heat processed, leaving only some protein and calories from fillers left after it’s fully processed. Fillers are carbs such as corn, wheat, soy or other grains. They are used to make your dog feel full, but they have no real nutritional value for canines who need mainly meat proteins. Many “top dollar” or “high-end” kibble varieties use potatoes, or potato starch, or oat meal or oats instead because they “sound better” on the label. This being said, not many vitamins can withstand high heat processing and end up being “cooked out” of kibble. If your dog’s main diet is a dry kibble, he may also be missing a few key fats. These fats are needed to keep the skin hydrated and helps hair grow healthier and also boosts the immune system. These fats are known as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. They are found in poultry fat, and fish oils. They contain many essential nutrients and without them their skin and coat will be dry, brittle, flaky and shedding can occur.

Using a Vitamin Supplement:

Vitamin supplements can be a great way to make sure your dog gets the vitamins he needs and in the quantity he needs. Dinovite liquid Canine Supplement is a easy once-a-day supplement you add to his daily food that incorporates whole food vitamins vs. synthetic vitamins that can be difficult for the body to digest absorb. With the right vitamins and minerals his skin and coat will improve and his shedding greatly reduce! ┬áIf he’s a finicky eater you can try CarnOyum Canine supplement, it has all the nutritional benefits of the original canine supplement with some extra meat protein to help your dog feel more at ease with trying something new!

Good-by itchy, dry skin! Good-by shedding! :)

About The Author: Adarlington

I grew up in a family that has had every kind of animal that's legal to own! Now, in my own home, my husband Brent and I and our daughter Emma, have lots of pets! From our beloved pooch, to a tortoise who lives in the kitchen, a geko in our bedroom, and 3-4 snakes in the living room at any given time! (Not to mention the stray or baby animals that get taken in!) It just wouldn't be the same without them, the more the merrier!


  1. cecilia says:

    Hi,I have a 10 months old puggle.He’s been shedding a lot for the past month.We have been feeding him Nature’s recipe for adult dogs.That’s what they recommended at the store to lessen his being hyper.The ingredients are chicken meal,rice and barley recipe.We also give him Milk-bone gravy bones,mini naturals fresh peanut butter formula and nature’s recipe biscuits for treats.Should we stop giving these treats or change it to lessen his shedding?He sheds too much I have to vacuum three times a day.Please us.

    • Adarlington says:

      Thanks for writing! The food your feeding isn’t too bad, however, it’s best to have at least the first 3
      ingredients of the food be a meat protein. I feed Taste of the wild (grain free) to both my dog and cat. My Dog is older,but she does great n a half raw, half kibble diet. Since she’s 14 she’s not hyper, but her shedding has been greatly reduced since I started giving her CarnOyum canine Powdered Supplement and LickOchops fatty acid supplement. I feed the same to my cat, He’s about 6 mnths old, and they both do great on it! I would recommend also cutting out the milk-bones, as too many carbs can contribute to shedding, itching and other issues. Milk-bones and other biscuits are made mainly of wheat, which can contribute to the shedding. I would highly recommend trying these supplement s and food. If you want to feed a healthy snack, I would recommend NubOnubs beef little bite-size treats too, P.S. I get them for cheap with my supplement!

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