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Did you know that the majority of dogs in the U.S. today are nutritionally deficient?

Why do dog’s shed?

In America today, most of our four legged friends are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. (Their not starving) however, due to the monopoly the commercial pet food companies have over what americans feed their dogs it’s not surprising. Commercial pet food is highly processed leaving our dogs shedding excessively, itching, licking, biting and much more!

Symptoms of nutritional deficiency:

How do you know if your dog is nutritionally deficient? Here are some symptoms that can help you determine if your pooch is nutritionally lacking.

Itching: You may think that dogs just scratch and that’s that. However, more and more dogs end up in the vet’s office getting cremes or pills to take care of “chronic itching.” This is because they are receiving too many carbs in their diet (through commercial pet foods aka kibble.) and are usually battling an overgrowth of yeast that irritates their skin.

Shedding: You’ve probably heard at one time or another that “all dogs shed”, or “my breed of dog is known for shedding.” These statements are both untrue!Shedding Healthy dogs should only shed twice a year due to seasonal change. Shedding out a heavy winter coat when it gets warmer and thicker coat pushing out the short coat when it gets cold again. However, the fact is that most dogs are shedding due to lack of  omega fatty acids in their diet. These essential fats are needed for keeping the skin moist and healing and restoring elasticity into the skin. Without these your dog’s body will be depleted leaving unhealthy skin and coat and brittle dying hair, causing excessive shedding. “excessive shedding” means any more than necessary which in this case means more than the usual season changes.

 How you can stop your dog’s shedding!

You can stop your dog’s shedding? absolutely! With the right kind of diet, and correct fats, minerals and vitamins, your dog’s shedding will be a thing of the past!


Omega fatty acids: Omega fatty acids can be found in fish oils and poultry fats. Dinovite’s SuprOmega fish oil, or Dinovite’s LickOchops are a great way to add the fats they need for a healthy shiny shedding free coat while adding a tasty treat to every meal! These oils stimulate healthy skin and hair and help keep hair from loosening and shedding to occur.


About The Author: Adarlington

I grew up in a family that has had every kind of animal that's legal to own! Now, in my own home, my husband Brent and I and our daughter Emma, have lots of pets! From our beloved pooch, to a tortoise who lives in the kitchen, a geko in our bedroom, and 3-4 snakes in the living room at any given time! (Not to mention the stray or baby animals that get taken in!) It just wouldn't be the same without them, the more the merrier!


  1. Donna Doores says:

    Hello We have 2 Jack Russels, female, mother of male. Both nuetured. The male is constantly scratching and gets a rash under his legs. We have had him to the vet at least once a month. He has had different pills, they work for a week at the most.
    I read your article about the omega fatty acid. I would like more info and what kind of food or suppliments to get for him. The female is ok. She does shed a lot. So does he. They are pretty much house bound, they have a small yard they go in and out the doggy door.
    I would appreciate any info you could pass on to me. Thank you, Donna Doores, Wasilla, AK

    • Eclukacevic says:

      Hi Donna, sounds to me like its definitely a nutritional deficiency. And unfortunately vets are not trained in nutrition so when symptoms like the ones you are describing come up they are trained to combat it with some form of steroids (with of course the best intentions) that in turn weakens the immune system even more so causing more itching and scratching etc.. Im glad you came across us when you did as Im sure we can help:] Alright lets get started! Lets start with food. If you are going with dry dog food then you want to look on the ingredient label and make sure that the first couple ingredients are some kind of meat as most dog foods start off with corn or grain and have meat listed as the third or fourth ingredient down.. Not good. So find a dog food that is meat based. Now if you have time to prepare your own dog food then I can link you to some fantastic homemade dog food recipes here

      Now if you go the dry dog food route you will need to also partner it with a supplement and I would highly recommend dinovite canine as I have personally witnessed some miracles take place with that product. Now the reason you need a supplement with dry dog food is because that dog food is processed at such a high temperature that it cooks out all nutrients so of course over time your dog will start to shed an unnatural amount, scratch, itch, etc..

      So to summarize:
      Make sure you are feeding your dog a quality meat based dog food (meat is the first and second ingredient)
      Supplements I would recommend would be dinovite canine paired with their SuprOmega oil

      Hope I helped and if you have more questions feel free to ask:]


      • CAROLYN FISER says:

        I have a six year old GERMAN SHEPARD> I have always had to feed her IAMS lamb and rice dry dog food or she would get diaheria. No matter which food I tried. She finally got so she would go for long periods of time (several days at a time) without eating at all. I once had a german shepard with heartworms and had to feed her cottage cheese and hamburger with the medication. So I tried giving GRETCHEN 1/2 cup mixed with her dry lamb and rice. She has had no problems with this and eats well, however she sheds constantlly. I have to vaccum twice a day and empty the bag three times. She stays in the house with me as I am disabled. Please help!!!

        • Adarlington says:

          It sounds like your giving her a great diet,
          she may just need some vitamins and minerals to help boost her system.
          Lack of fatty acids in her system can have an effect of shedding all the time.
          recommend trying a bit of LickOchops fatty acid supplement to her diet along with
          Some CarnOyum canine nutritional supplement. The LickOchops is a mix of poultry fats and
          fish oil to help moisturize her skin and coat, the Carnoyum canine helps boost the immune system
          with vitamins and minerals, and also helps regulate digestion. Check them out here: CarnOyum Canine supplement
          LickOchops Fatty acids supplement.

  2. Great info here!
    Another little trick is to add a few sardines to your dog’s dry food as they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids which will make their coats shine!

  3. Kattie says:

    My Giant Schnauzer, is still shedding…after having her pups 4 months ago. Giving her Dog Shedding Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids. But, no change has come. Well, she was groomed to remove the dried brittle fur. So, she looks shiny and lustrious now but, still shedding. What can I do?

    • Adarlington says:

      What type of food are you feeding along with the Omegas?
      If you are feeding a commercial food with high carbohydrates this could
      affect her skin and coat and the effects of the omegas won’t be as noticeable.
      I would recommend switching to a grain free food or looking into a raw diet.
      This could give her body the boost it needs! If you need any help along the way,
      Check out and contact one of the nutrition coaches! They can help you
      step by step!

  4. joyce says:

    my pug (fawn coat), sheds so much! what I can give her to cut down on that and when I wash her blanket that is over the pillow she lays on I can not get all the little hairs out, or even can not sweep all the little hairs on the chair, any suggestions? thanks.

    • Adarlington says:

      THanks for writing! I would recommend checking out the dog food you are feeding.
      Does it have corn, wheat, soy, or maybe potatoes and barley or oats? These are all
      carbs and they are used as a filler. Too many carbs and not enough meat content can cause
      itching and scratching and shedding. I would recommend switching over to a grain free food, or checking out a raw diet! This would give your dog a great boost! Of course excessive shedding also means lack of omega fatty acids as well,so check out this raw diet here and what they use for supplements! Raw Diet Video.

  5. Teresa says:

    My Dog is a wire hired. I buy her food form a pet store. The food I am feeding my dog has whole veggies,& fruits,and whole grains (barley and oats) suppose to be good for her, But she is scratching and biting herself a lot. I have her a vet appt.. Do you think it;s still her food? Vet .(phone consultation.) thought it could be a skin allergy.

    • Adarlington says:

      Thanks for writing!
      It sounds like the food you are currently feeding isn’t necessarily bad,
      however, for your dog the barley and oat could be causing your dog it itch alot and possibly shed.
      My dog is a wired hair Patter dale Terrier and she sheds if she eats too many carbs. I would recommend
      checking out Taste of the wild’s dogfood (P. S. They are cheaper than most other top of the line kibble!)
      They have grain free and it works awesome with Dinovite’s CarnOyum canine powdered supplement. Of course, She is very old and we have been using this supplement since before the new ones were out, so you can use any of their supplements I’m sure!
      Check it out!
      Taste of the Wild,

      Dinovite supplements.

  6. Walt Bertotti says:

    We have a rescue dog mutt that’s part chow. She sheds all year, but in spring and fall she looks
    like sheep that needs to be sheered. We have her groomed but the shedding never really stops. We tried Dynovite in the dried tub, but she won’ eat it. Her regular diet is Benniful Healthy Radince. Both an wife and I take an Omega 3 fish oil pill a day. Would you recommend openning one up and adding it to her food?The Sardines sounds like a good start.
    Anyother ideas?

    • Adarlington says:

      Thanks for writing in!
      It sounds like she may be suffering from lack of fatty acids and protein in her diet.
      I would recommend checking out a raw diet, or cooked homemade diet, and or possibly a grain
      free kibble of you are going to stay with kibble. Taste of the wild is a good kibble.
      As fir supplements, Dinovite carries a great fatty acid supplement called lickOchops.
      It has a blend of poultry fat and fish oils to help moisturize the skin and coat. Also,
      they have a new supplement for dogs in a paste for m just for picky eaters. It’s called CarnOyum!
      It has check liver as well as the vitamins and minerals they need to boost their system.
      It gives a flavor they like and the nutrition they need all in one :)
      Check it out here: CarnOyum Canine Supplement

  7. Martine says:

    My dog sheds a lot, I use the Dinovite Liquid in his food it is not working. he is shedding more and more. He is spolied and will not eat dog food. he eats mostly hot dog and ham and sometimes chicken. What can I do to stop the shedding?

    • Abrinker says:

      Hi Martine,
      Thanks for commenting.
      Dinovite supplements actually build off of a pets diet. A poorly balanced diet will cause the supplement to work harder to balance the deficiencies to where a more balanced diet will allow the Dinovite’s nutrition to work effectively to aid in better health. Unfortunately a diet of hotdogs, ham & chicken from time to time, really leaves the daily diet in a pretty poor place. Hotdogs are loaded with fillers/preservatives & this unfortunately is just not healthy for our dogs at all. I would highly suggest to looking into a more balanced diet such as the homemade recipe. Here is a link to this: Using this diet paired with the Dinovite nutritional supplements, you will see much better results. Remember too, sometimes it can take up to the full 90 days to see the best results depending on the dog and the issues they are experiencing

  8. .I have a 6 month old chihuahua and I give him kibbles n bits the original bag and it has real beef and chicken in it. Now my question is the dog food I give him is it a gud diet or does he need more of other kinds of foods. I also give him Pup-peronis beef sticks. He sheds some but not awhole lot and his coat is shiny and soft. So do they shed thru the whole time its warm or how long do they shed for in the summertime

    • Abrinker says:

      Hi Denise,
      Thanks for writing.
      I took a peak at the ingredient list of this food & to be honest it is really YUCKEY. It is so important to look at the food ingredient list to ensure that a MEAT is the FIRST ingredient and ideally 1-3 more meat products within the first five ingredients. You want to follow this same guideline when feeding treats as well. The food that you are feeding now actually only contains just 1 meat in the whole list of ingredients, this really isn’t enough meat sources.
      Most commercial foods are filled with corn, rice, wheat, white potatoes, soybeans or even pure starch—these contribute GREATLY to pets “allergies”. The carbs turn to sugar, the sugar feeds the bad yeast and that comes out in skin and coat issues. (hot spots, shedding, gunky ears, paw licking, smelly body…) Though your pet doesn’t have a ton of issues now, if you stay on this diet, your going to see a ton in the future unfortunately. I would suggest to take a look into using a more meat based food & treat following the guidelines I suggest or check out:
      As for shedding, a pet will normally shed 2 times a year. Heavy in the Spring & Heavy in the fall due to seasonal changes. the rest of the year you should only see very light to no shedding.

      • Barbara Smith says:

        I have a female pug and she is loved very much but don’t pug dogs just naturally shed a lot? Anything that would help would be much appreciated.She eats only Science diet Light dog food and she gets the same in adult size pieces for a treat and she loves it. She lives to eat but has digestive problems and weight problems if she is fed anythng other than the above. Shedding is mu main concern right now…

        • Abrinker says:

          Hi Barbara,
          Thanks for commenting! When we are seeing shedding year ’round, this is a really easy sign of a deficiency usually. Pet’s (even Pugs) should only shed 2 times a year. Anything more & we need to make some diet/nutritional changes. Check out this article about how diet effects shedding:

          I would also suggest this diet change too because light dog foods really don’t do our pet’s justice. Take a peak at the your little guy’s food. I did just now & really wasn’t impressed at all with the ingredient list. I really think allot of his shedding, weight & digestive issues can be traced right back to this food. I would really suggest to read this article too:

          Follow the guidelines that your going to read about in the 2 articles that I suggested & you will see a great change in your Pug’s over all health & shedding as well.
          Take care!

  9. Tracy Allen says:

    I have a lab mix (not sure what the mix is,,,some say chow, some boxer). He is about 5 years old and is fed Blue Buffalo fish and sweet potato. I can brush him twice a week and have to clean the brush out as I go along. Any suggestions on controlling the shedding?

    • Adarlington says:

      Thanks for writing. It sounds like he may have issues with some of the ingredients of the
      kibble he’s eating. I know that brand is better than some, but all kibble is deficient in essential fatty acids and
      vitamins due to processing. Heat destroys vitamins and enzymes and all kibble is heat processed. I would recommend using a vitamins supplement and try changing his diet to to a less processed diet such as a raw diet or a frozen raw diet. This will help build his immune system and restore and nourish a healthy body and coat. This will help dramatically decrease shedding. As with any change I would give it at least 90 days to see results because his body will have to get used to the change.

  10. I won’t be able to thank you fully for the articles on your web-site. I know you’d put a lot of time and energy into all of them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I could do the same for someone else sometime.

    • Adarlington says:

      Your Quite welcome! Here we Strive to provide people with educational
      tools and ways to better their lives and those of their pets. :)

  11. Alexis says:

    I have a read healer and she sheds like CRAZY! her cage is full of hair after just one day and everytime you pet her gobs of hair just come out! i dont know what to do is there anything you suggest?

    • Adarlington says:

      what type of food do you feed?
      I would recommend feeding raw diet, or a grain free kibble with LOTS of omega fatty acids.
      I would recommend feeding a canine vitamin supplement and a fatty acid supplement excess shedding can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency and lack of Omega fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) these are the oils and fats found in poultry and fish. They help maintain healthy skin and coat. Without them they will have dry flaky skin and dry brittle fur. It is also important to feed a vitamin supplement even with a top-of-the-line kibble or raw diet because kibble is heat processed which destroys most of the nutrients and vitamins. with a raw diet, adding a supplement helps to round out the diet and make it complete. Here are a few articles to help get you started with choosing a food and a supplement to get the shedding to stop! (Yes dogs don’t have to shed all year round!) a Healthy dog will only shed about twice a year when they “blow their coat” meaning they change their coat with the season. (i.e. get a thicker warmer coat in winter)

      How to choose a good dog food:
      Basics of a raw diet:
      Homemade dog food: 5 Simple ingredients

  12. Sarah Fisher says:

    What kind of dog food do you recommend for yellow labs. She has constant ear infections and severe shedding. We have been giving her fish oil pills twice a week and she eats freely on kibble. I noticed in previous post that kibble is not a recommended food. Can you please give me names of food that will.

    Thank you in advance

    • Adarlington says:

      Sarah Fisher,
      There’s not any difference in what to feed based on breed.
      Ear infections are a sign of a yeast infection, which is usually
      from too many carbs and grains in the diet. These carbs break down
      into sugars and feed the natural yeast that lives in the body.
      When the dog or cat gets too many carbs, this can start an overgrowth of
      the yeast which is what most of us call a yeast infection. I would
      recommend looking into switching to a raw diet, or a grain free kibble to help
      lower the amounts of carbs and grains they’re getting. I would also recommend using a
      vitamin supplement and an Omega fatty acids supplement. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
      help keep the skin and coat moisturized and keep the fur from getting dry and brittle.
      Here’s some info to help you get rid of the yeast, and help you choose a good food.

      Basics of a Raw Diet:

      Homemade dog food recipe: 5 Simple Ingredients

      Best dog food: How to choose a good dog food:

  13. jacky says:

    hi we have a husky known for shedding alot we have started giving him tripe and a complete food mix made by baxsters would you say this is the right or wrong thing to be feeding him he is at the moment shwdding all the time but as only been on this food for about 5weeks

    • Adarlington says:

      What are the first five ingredients of the food?
      I’ve never heard of Baxter’s. However, I would recommend looking into
      the treats you feed as well. If you feed dog biscuits these are made
      with wheat and soy and are usually a large part of what contributes to
      Itching, scratching and shedding. Also, lack of Omega fatty acids can be
      a big part of shedding. I would recommend Dinovite Canine vitamin Supplement
      and LickOchops fatty acid supplement. It will build up the immune system and provide the
      vitamins and minerals needed to reduce shedding and prevent itchiness.

  14. Peggy says:

    I feed my German Shepherd a RAW diet of K9 Karving (Beef, Chicken, and Veggie mix) she also love fresh veggie and a little ham for treats; sometimes commercial treats as well, but high quality. She sheds constantly and is always scratching. The Vets recommends Benadryal for the itching but I’d rather not. Any suggestions?

    • Adarlington says:

      It sounds like she may need a supplement to help build up her immune system.
      When she eats store bought treats, what kind doe you give her? Are they biscuits? If so,
      these (even expensive ones) are made out of carbs and starches. Most biscuits are made out of wheat
      and soy. These can be a contributing factor in her itching. It could also be a fatty acid deficiency.
      Omega 3′s and 6′s are needed to keep the skin and coat hydrated. If she is lacking in these good fats
      her skin can be dry and itchy. Dinovite Canine Supplement and LickOchops Fatty acid supplement together are the best way to build up the immune system and moisturize the skin and coat.

  15. Twyla says:

    Hi, I have a 2yr old GSD and he is constantly chewing and scratching himself – his skin is really flaky and and is shedding like crazy (winter coat also comming in). His ears are red and inflamed, sore and itchy, gunky and smelly. I have always fed him Orijen – blue bag ( dry dog food, 2.5 cups a day. I pour a cap ful of ACV on his food and Tbsp of olive oil on it as well. I also give him 1/4c plain balkan yogurt and 1000 mg Omega 3. The analysis on his food says there is 3% Omega 6 and 1.1% Omega 3. But the crude protein is 38% could that be the problem? Do you have any other tips? Thank you for your time.

    • Adarlington says:

      It sounds like your GSD is suffering from a yeast infection.
      Orijen food is pretty good, however, do you feed him any kind of dog biscuits or treats?
      I would look into the treats because many of them are made out of carbs grains, like wheat and soy
      which feed sugars in the body which in turn feeds the yeast in their body. I would also recommend checking out this supplement: Dinovite Canine supplement. It’s a powdered supplement you add too their food daily that provides them with the necessary vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy immune system to fight off the overgrowth of yeast. I would also check out this ear cleaning solution to help clean the yeast out of his ears: Homemade Ear Cleaning Solutions. I would also recommend adding LickOchops fatty acid supplement to his food. It will eliminate the need for all the extra oils. a few teaspoons of this along with his powder, and he should be doing better. You can also try this recipe for getting rid of yeast.

      • Twyla says:

        Thank you so much for your response. His treats consist of raw carrots, apple, dried liver and very occasionally a biscuit. He had been eating a lot of fruit, we have alot of it growing, plums,strawberries, tomatoes and he loves watermelon. Next year I will keep a more watchful eye on what he’s munching on from the garden.

        • Adarlington says:

          It’s good that he’s not eating a lot of biscuits but
          the sugar in the fruit could also be feeding his yeast issue.
          It’s ok for him to have it occasionally, but i would recommend
          feeding mostly the liver as a treat to cut back on the sugar.
          If we can help any other way let us know! :) You can call us at:
          (859) 428-1000 we’re open Mon-Fri 9-6 pm. EST

  16. Debbie says:

    Is it good to to mineral oil on your dogs food because of dry skin and excessive shedding.

    • Abrinker says:

      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for asking.
      I would not use mineral oil. Mineral oil does not have a nutritional value & actually can move nutrients out of the intestines, not a good thing.
      I would suggest a fish oil or a product like LickOchops. Both are very balanced in the Omega fatty acids that are essential for healing of dry skin.
      For shedding, take a peak at Dinovite Canine. This is the product I use with my own dogs. In the past shedding was an HUGE issue for us. The nutrients in this product help to fill the nutritional gaps that can cause the shedding.
      Hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions.

  17. susan says:

    i have a chow mix. its right befor winter and she is sheding a lot. im not sue if it nutrtion or if she is going to have babys. i feed her the same diet of dog food. and we have been having a few other doge come around. what do you think?

    • Abrinker says:

      Hi Susan,
      If your Chow mix is suffering from a nutritional deficiency, a balanced diet paired with a balanced nutritional supplement will fill those gaps, thus curving back the shedding without a doubt. You will never know if it is a nutritional deficiency if you don’t try adding better nutrition. If your dog is pregnant, a nutritional supplement like Dinovite Canine would be great. Her body can really use the extra nutrition to ensure healthy pregnancy & pups.

  18. joyce says:

    I havea mixed breed dog that bites and scratches herselfn all the time has no fleas or any other skin problems but scrartches her self so hard that it make sores what is causeses this problem?

    • Abrinker says:

      Hi Joyce,
      You may need to take a look at the ingredients in the food. Most commercial foods are filled with corn, rice, wheat, white potatoes, soy or even pure starch—these contribute GREATLY to pets “allergies” & skin/coat issues. The carbs turn to sugar, the sugar feeds the bad yeast and that comes out in skin and coat issues. (hot spots, shedding, gunky ears, paw licking, smelly body…) You really DON’T want to see lots of those ingredients in the top 5 of the foods ingredient list. The less the better and the further down the list the better.
      Start with a better diet & a nutritional supplement to fortify that diet. That does wonders for pets in the situation like your buddy. Here’s some great info about diets:

  19. destiny ronnfeldt says:

    i have a lab that will not stop itching,biting,and scratching itself and is shedding bad. she will not eat all her food and dislikes my other dog and he’s a boxer but my lab is fiked i dont know what to do with them.

    • Abrinker says:

      Hi Destiny, Here is a great article about why dogs scratch & itch: Follow the guidelines & information that is shared in this article, & you will see a relief in your pet’s itching & scratching in no time. You may also want to think about trying a homemade recipe for your pet’s. This is a super healthy way to feed our pets & can also ensure that dinner is always gobbled down.

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